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Arsene Wenger: The beginning of the end?

As the month of April is finally upon us, Arsenal have been left to pick up the pieces of what was a disastrous March month for the club.

After finding themselves competing in all trophies at the beginning of March, they now only find themselves battling to keep up with log leaders Manchester United after a dismal draw against Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates.

It seems as though it is the same old story for the Gunner’s season after season and I now pose this question: Has Arsene Wenger taken Arsenal as far as they can go?

After building that impressive “Invincibles” title winning team and snatching the FA Cup away from Manchester United in 2005, things have never really kicked on from there for the Gunners.

Wenger’s youth philosophy now has to come into the spotlight.

I am a firm believer of investing in youth footballers, as they are the backbone and the future of any club.

What Wenger has forgotten, is that these young players needs guidance from senior, experienced players, something that this Arsenal side do not have.

Manchester United are a prime example of this. With stalwarts such as Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Edwin Van Der Sar etc, these are players that the younger players in the squad look up to and learn from.

The lack of success has also left Wenger clutching at straws, with his latest rant being a conspiracy theory surrounding the fixture list for the run-in to the end of the season.

What motivation does that give an Arsenal player when he sees his own manager not believing that his team can win the Premier League on the football field alone?

If that is Wenger’s attempt at aiming mind-games towards Sir Alex Ferguson, then I think it is a feeble one, as it is hurting Arsenal more than it is Manchester United.

At any other “top” team in the Premier league, such a drought away from success would not have been tolerated.

I think the time has come for fresh change at Arsenal Football Club.

A change without Arsene Wenger at the helm.

By Jarred Manasse

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