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Gamesmanship: Such is the nature of the beast

Watching Real Madrid and Barcelona slug it out for a place at Wembley will certainly go down as one of the most distasteful matches I’ve ever seen.

Diving, fake injuries, referee intimidation. You name it and it was there.

I, myself am a firm believer that football should be played in the right spirits at all times.

However, in a game of this magnitude, where both teams are vying for survival, the wisest (and arguably the most distasteful) team will use this to their advantage.

I am not condoning what happened in the clash, but I certainly do not feel the need to be caught up in the hype and sensitivity in the way the tie panned out.

In the professional game, it is unfortunate that gamesmanship, like we saw in Madrid, has to be part of the game.

Modern players will make sure they’ll do whatever they have to, to give their team the edge.

No one likes to see a spectacle between two of the biggest club teams in world football being tarnished.

What has to be done, just simply has to be done.


  1. footieanalyst says:

    True. Real Madrid take it too far sometimes with Mourinho written all over it.

  2. Jarred Manasse says:

    I agree, both teams actually. I have a feeling that the 5-0 drubbing last year has seriously clouded his tactics. There is no logical reason to sit back.. At home, and allow Barcelona to run you over. But then again, he is the world’s best coach, so who am I to question?

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