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Is this the end? Or just the beginning?

manutdHello one and all. For my first ‘official’ blog on Footie Analyst I would like to add the piece below. Some of you may have seen it on Facebook. If not then enjoy and feel free to comment…..

“I was at a staff function last night and missed most of the game. When i got home there were about 16 minutes on the clock. As the picture on the tele cleared the first face I saw was none other than Johnny Evans…..My first thought: ‘Europa here come….’
If you a true Man United supporter you will realize that the team is lacking something. Some say it might be a play maker, others might argue the injury factors, while others might just deny the fact that not only on this night, but every other CL night United were poor. It is only the 3rd time in 16 years that we fail to qualify from the group stages.

It’s not a bad percentage considering we’ve been there almost every year. However it is a bad result based on the fact that we played in 3 out of 4 finals in the last 4 years. Things need to change and I’ve made up a list of those below. Please feel free to comment, like, dislike or if you not a United supporter to gloat. Go ahead rub it in :)

Having being a supporter for the last 20 odd years certain things before and during a game gives you that uncertain feeling that the result on the day/night will not go your way. So here’s the list I promised:

a) Johnny Evans – only Sir Alex Ferguson knows why he persists with this load of crap. When I saw his face on the tele I just knew. I didn’t have to check the score to know we were in a poor position. His face said it all.

b) Giggs – he should have retired along with Scholes while on a high. Yes they lost poorly to Barca in the final of last season’s CL BUT then Scholes still bowed out of the EPL as a Champion. The way things look now I doubt Giggs will be able to bow out on a high

c) The commentator – Yes guys the commentator. Every time this guy (don’t know his name) commentates on a United game we screw up. if you don’t believe me search for the tapes that has his commentary for the game and I promise you we either scraped through or the game ended embarrassingly for United.

d)Sir Alex Ferguson – In January he is going to have to make some big signings to bring a creative midfielder in. He will also have to make some tough decisions. For instance Rio needs to leave but the biggest decision SAF will have to take is to find his own replacement. The time has come for him to call it quits along with the likes of Giggs, Rio etc. And he needs to start looking for a replacement from as early as January so that come the end of the season the new guy, whoever he may be, can take immediate control.

In the end no matter what excuses we as United supporters may look for, the honest truth of it all, is that in the CL for 2011/2012 United were poor. We did not bring our ‘A’ game and it has left us to play Europa. Not bad really as some of the teams, and again people might argue this, are better than those that played in the CL. So here’s to Thursday Night Football!! But remember this both supporters and haters: United will bounce back. WE ALWAYS DO!!”

I'm just me :). I am married to a wonderful woman and we have 3 beautiful kids. I love them to bits but I also love football. So much so that my kids all love the game today. Laila (11) loves it only because I do. (She's my princess). Uzair, (8), plays for a local football club nearby. A die hard Manchester United fan....just like his dad (Broad smile) and then there is Mu'adh (3). he walks through the house with my phone playing (and singing along) to the GGMU song. Any game, any time, any where. I LOVE FOOTBALL. I grew up with uncles, cousins playing football. Although I never really played I still love it and will for as long as I can. So that's a block space :) I hope you all enjoy my blogs.


  1. footieanalyst says:

    Better bounce back this weekend!

  2. Omar Lawrence says:

    Let’s hope so……

  3. Mark Basson says:

    Great article! Can’t agree more with your thoughts on Johnny Evans – what a loser! Can’t believe he is the same player that was beside Vidic when we went something like 12 games without conceding a goal – or maybe Vidic is that good that nobody saw all the cracks he was covering up besides looking excellent at his own job.

    Not sure SAF needs to go just yet but if he doesn’t concede that the team is missing a spark, which is plain for any fan to see, then I think he is losing it just a bit. It has now become necessary to spend in January whether he likes it or not – question is who will join now that we cannot offer Champions League football in the new year?

  4. footieanalyst says:

    Evans had a very good game today against QPR…but then again they are hardly a stretch…pit him against stronger opposition then we see his shortcomings.

    On CL and players joing…I can’t see Wesley changing until the summer. Looks like he’ll go for a local EPL player or an unkown from trhe German league or so. Preferbly a midfielder.

  5. footieanalyst says:

    5-0 against Fulham suggests all is well then?!

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