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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: This season’s stats

Ronaldo-vs-MessiLa Liga

Hat-tricks: Ronaldo –  7     Messi – 6

Goals (Games):  Ronaldo – 40 (32)   Messi – 39 (31)

Assists: Ronaldo – 11    Messi – 14

Average shots/game: Ronaldo – 6.9   Messi – 5.5

Pass % completion: Ronaldo – 80.9%  Messi – 84.1%

Key Passes/game:  Ronaldo – 1.6   Messi – 2.6

Successful dribbles/game: Ronaldo – 1.8  Messi – 4.8

Average dispossessed/game: Ronaldo – 1.9  Messi – 2.7

Average passes/game: Ronaldo  – 37.6   Messi – 64.9

Accurate through balls/game: Ronaldo – 0.5 Messi – 1.5

% of team’s goals scored: Ronaldo 41.6  Messi  – 36.6

Penalties scored: Ronaldo – 11 Messi –  5

Champions League

Goals: Ronaldo –  8  Messi – 14

Assists: Ronaldo – 2 Messi – 4

MOM awards: Ronaldo – 3    Messi – 8

Shots per Game: Ronaldo – 7.4   Messi – 7.1

Attempts on target: Ronaldo – 24   Messi – 34

Dribbles per match: Ronaldo – 2.9   Messi – 3.9

Accurate long balls/game: Ronaldo – 0.8  Messi – 1.7

Accurate through balls/game: Ronaldo – 0.4  Messi – 1.4

Fouls against: Ronaldo – 14 Messi  – 23

Other Competitions/International

Goals in all competitions: Ronaldo –   52   Messi – 61Hat-tricks:  Ronaldo –   7     Messi –  8

International goals (games) Ronaldo –   6(7)     Messi –  5(7)

So who is the best player?


  1. zola mbanjwa says:

    messi is the best.

  2. footieanalyst says:

    I can’t disagree with that zola!

  3. Spectacles says:

    ronaldo is the best!!!

    • ivan says:

      Messi personal achievements this season(2012)
      New world record for most goals in a season (beating Gerd Müllers 1973 previous sensational record)
      New record for most goals in a Champions league season
      New Spanish/Europian record for most goals in La Liga(beating Dudu Georgescu 1977 record in less games than CR7)
      + he’s made more assists and is more effective measured on goals per attempt than CR7

      Messi clubtitles this season(2012)
      FIFA World Championship for clubs
      (Spanish Cup winners or runners up)
      UEFA Super Cup
      Spanish Super Cup

      Ronaldo personal achievements this season(2012)
      Ronaldo clubtitles this season(2012)
      Spanish Championship

      • merf says:

        The fifa club cup, uefa super cup, and spanish super cup were all competitions in 2011, not 2012. Messi/Barcelona have won nothing in 2012 other than the pichichi. Hala Madrid, the new kings of the game.

        • Pinto says:

          The season started in 2011 and ended in 2012. We need to consider everything that happened this season from beginning to end.

  4. Spectacles says:

    ronaldo is the best!!!

  5. rakesh 7 says:

    ronaldo can take the game without any support using long range efforts…but messi still needs xavi or iniesta…

  6. Eoghan says:

    Obviously Messi is the best. You can see that when you look at both players contributions to their teams. The stats also confirm this. Ronaldo shoots more and scores less. More Penalties also. Not much of a debate here. Ronaldo is a good player, but Messi is simply better.

  7. Sabe says:

    According to stats above Messi is the best.
    According to me, Messi is the best ever.

  8. joy john says:

    Messi is the best at least for now

  9. zenden philip says:

    hez the greatest player of this generation,messi

  10. akshit says:

    cr7 is a winger n 2 do sooo much being a winger is gr8!!!….messi is a striker so obv hell score more goals…cr7’s long range shoots r way better dan messi…cr7 all d way!!!

  11. omoh says:

    You ronaldo guys are sick and bunch of hypocrites who see white and call it black. With all the clear as day stats presented here you guys are still looking for excuse for your toy. Stop living in denial and accept the truth.

  12. swifty....true mighty red ! says:

    is this a serious question ?… i think the stats speak for themselves…. less goals from penalties… more goals in less games… pass success n assists are much better 5 goals in 1 game in the champions league… the only thing old ronnie is better at is the amount of shots he takes n the percentage of goals he scores for his team… i think if u think cr7 is better than u just dnt really know enough about football….. there is only 1 key man in the beautiful game that thinks ronaldo is better and thats mourinho … whos a bit biassed to say the least ! messi 99 percent of the time shows up at club level on big occasions… he will win best player in the world again this year and dnt forget has a chance to increase his stats in the final of the copa del ray tonight against bilboa…

  13. olu says:

    on what bases do u imply ronaldo is better..huh?i’m sure u didn’t get to read their stats..this is fcuken obvious..what mre do u nd to?

    • julio says:

      Ronaldo has more skill and technical ability than messi! Messi just runs past players … I respect his pace but that’s all he can do and without the help of xavi and iniesta he is nothing! Look at his internationl carreer he scored 3 goals for argentina and ronaldo scored 7! Clearly Ronaldo is better in all aspects! Messi is a great player but Ronaldo is better!

  14. HAGOS says:


  15. Elijah says:

    Messi is the best three club titles this season. and more goals and record breaking

  16. adam says:

    c.ronaldo is crap compared to the all mighty messi, messi is faster, better dribbler, better goals, scores more goals and has more player of the year awards and golden balls. messi is obviously a master at football, and ronaldo is a cry baby who hates to lose, he is a sore loser. MESSI ALL THE WAY. RONALDO IS CRAPPPP

  17. Leo messi is the best

  18. gaby says:


  19. Sean says:

    Messi is obviously the better player cr7 is good but u say iniesta and xavi …. What about cr7 has do Maria, Alonso , kaka , higuain , benzema , on paper and Madrid is over all a better team with better subs but messi makes everyone around him better cr7 is a ball hog and a cry baby he’s the best player in the planet …. No doubt about that …. But messi is the greatest player in the universe that’s the difference not to mention he is 2 1/2 years younger then Ronaldo to so think before u speak cause anyone out there who thinks cr7 is better then messi is either dumb … Stupid … Or crazy and knows nothing about soccer at all :)

    • J says:

      Sean. Don’t say I don’t know anything when you call it ‘soccer’. The game is called football. Who did Ronnie have when with Sporting Lisbon? Not many good players were in United at the time either other than Giggsy and Scholesy. Di Maria, fair enough- Great player. Great helped. Kaka never plays anymore, he’s lost his touch. Higuain and Benzema, they never play at the same time, Ozil- Great player, great helped as well. Casillas, best keeper around and for the next few years as well.

      Barcelona. Xavi, Iniesta, (now) David Villa, Macherano, Busquets, Pique, Puyol- ALL amazing players, they buy new talents like Jordi Alba and you cannot, under any circumstance make the statement that Real have the better tean even on paper.

  20. J says:

    Messi better than Ronaldo my arse. Ronaldo has been in 3 clubs and he has carried all of the clubs. He was a One Man Army in United. He had 7/8 years with us and he destroyed all other Prem Clubs. EPL is the harshest league in the world, Liga BBVA is nowhere near that level. Messi had been in/watching the Liga BBVA for ages, he knows how each clubs plays (tactics don’t change, players do) whereas Ronaldo has been in the Liga BBVA for 3 years and he is doing great. Messi has the fortune of being in the best club in the world, I AM NOT SAYING HE NEEDS XAVI AND INIESTA but his club is at such a high stature that of course he’ll score goals. Messi is a striker, don’t say he’s a CAM, he plays in the Striker position. Where does CR7 play? On the wing. Now, wingers aren’t meant to score as many as Ronaldo does. I will say Messi is the best player in the world ONLY when he comes to the EPL and does as well as CR7 did. And no, playing against Prem Clubs isn’t the same thing. He couldn’t even beat Cech in the CL Final, and Ronaldo did. Wait. Now you will say that he scored against CzechoSlovakia and not Chelsea. Now you see my point about the team being the more important gthing rather than the individual player. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best. Hala Madrid, hala United!

  21. zlatan says:

    cr7 can be compared to ibrahimovich or maybe to rooney, but with messi?!!? are you kidding me?!! who is cr7 to be even compared to ronaldinho? give me a break!

  22. zlatan says:

    the fact that cr7 hates losing or talks as he was the best ever does not make that true. he is a very good player that makes a lot of noise to gain attention. he is a hard worker, a fighter and an excellent player. but that is all. no more. no maradona, no pele, no ronaldinho and no messi. just an ibrahimovic (which is not bad!).

  23. duke karmakar says:

    Ronaldo is much more effective last year than messssssssiiiiiii…
    When ronaldo played so good in euro cup dat time nothing written…but when messiiii..played good after a long time fr his contry every one start shouting messii.,messi…its cr7’bad luck dat he dnt bor n in good football playing nation……messi is gret no dout abut dat but cr7 is th best fr me … man armyyyyyy…if he score real wins if he dosent real loose more…..

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