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Nani vs Cristiano Ronaldo – first 100 games stats

So who is better in your mind if you compare their stats? It’s hard to say  but on face value it seems like Nani edges out Cristiano Ronaldo in the assists department. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are both fantastic players in their own right.  and that they both fully deserve all the accolades they receive, but for me the current Real Madrid genius tops the bill.

Why? In terms of skill level and ability, overall ‘x-factor’ and character he stands out. Nani’s stats look really good and can’t be ignored in a like-for-like comparison. You can also argue that Cristiano was far younger when he joined United and took a while to get things going whereas Nani joined at a later age and was already a proven talent, hence the better looking stats after the first 100 games played in the English Premier League.

See Nani’s wonder strike against Chelsea in the video below.

How they compare

Ronaldo Nani
First 100 Appearances 100
6705 Minutes played 6797
19 Goals scored 19
352.9 Minutes per goal 357.7
98 Shots on target 89
148 Shots off target 141
39.8 per cent Shooting accuracy 38.7 per cent
7.7 per cent Shots-to-goal conversion rate 8.2 per cent
12 Assists 33
135 Chances created (including assists) 213

Make up your own mind.

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