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The secrets behind Wayne Rooney’s protective headband

wayne-rooney-headbandWayne Rooney’s head injury might have stopped him playing for England, but one quick-thinking company helped get the striker back on the pitch at Old Trafford sooner than expected. Storelli is a New York-based firm that specialises in protective gear for athletes, particularly footballers.

On hearing of Rooney’s injury, they emailed Manchester United’s medical team to offer their services and United, suitably intrigued, requested some samples. They arrived last Thursday night and, after training with it for only a day, Rooney was happy enough to start the game.

What does it do?

The ExoShield HeadGuard provides protection for players with, or concerned about, injuries. The panel designs help spread impacts across the head, with extra protection covering the temples and back of the skull.
What is it made of?
High-tech, viscoelastic foam — the same stuff that the US Army uses to line the helmets of their special forces. Whereas other forms of foam compress on impact, Storelli’s material absorbs and dissipates forces, and they claim it can reduce the effects of G-force by more than 50 per cent. The foam is also breathable and works in any kind of weather condition — it doesn’t stiffen up in the cold or soften in the heat.
Who uses it?
Besides England strikers, it is most popular with young and female players in America.
How much does it cost?
Off the shelf in the US, $60, which is around £38, but currently it’s available to  buy only in the US, Canada, Australia, Colombia and Italy.

Source: Daily Mail

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