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Wenger needs to take responsibility

In the wake of watching his side crash out of all trophies apart from the English Premier League has left Arsene Wenger questioning his ability.

“I question myself always, don’t worry. But If I listened to everybody then it would be a miracle that we are still playing for the title with ten games to go,” said Wenger.

And rightly so. The fact that Arsenal has again gone through a season where they have possibly failed to win silverware will certainly not go down well with the club and its supporters.

Anyone watching the FA Cup tie against Manchester United could see that the ambition and drive was lacking from the players. And it was definitely a game that they could have won.

Well where has the Gunners gone wrong? Here are a few possible factors.


Although Wenger has invested his trust in his youth, Arsenal lack that experience that was significant of their title winning “Invincible’s” side.

What Vieira, Pires, Lehmann, Adams etc brought to the table, is something that you cannot find in the current Arsenal team.

Winning Mentality

Winning is a culture and once you grasp it, it usually stays with you.

Eg. Manchester United. The Red Devils has not being playing the best of soccer all season, but yet kept grinding out win after win.

Arsenal lack that ability and are often found wanting in pressure games.

Selling Their Assets

Linking up with the first point, in order to gain experience, you have to be able to keep your best players.

The sale of Flamini and Hleb and Henry were significant ones as one can only imagine where that Arsenal team would have been this season.


This has been the bane of Arsenal season after season.

The purchases of Vemaelen, Koscielny, Squillaci, Sylvestre has shown that Arsenal has yet to settle on a first choice back line.

With the brand of football that the Gunners play, it is of vital importance that they either purchase world class central defenders or that they settle on a consistent partnership at the back.

It seems like they same old story for Arsenal every season, and one can only imagine if Wenger would have survived the chop at any of the other major teams in the league.

He needs to sit down and rethink his philosophy if Arsenal are to move forward next season.

By: Jarred Manasse


  1. Jjerg says:

    Wonderfully put. There is nothing more revolting than watching a “world class” manager blame officials after a loss. Not only is this unprofessional and immature but it keeps a squad and manager from correcting what they have done. Unfortunately the few managers that take responsobility for their teams poor play get fired. Hodgson, Hughton, DiMatteo, have all been fired this season while Wenger, and Fergie show such disrespect towards the officials their players and supporters do the same.(it is not a coincidence that these teams tend to have the 50/50 calls go their way). There was an article in a Brittish paper praising Wenger and Fergie for their ability to change a game by their intimidation of the officials. This will continue until there are more articles like this, fines and suspensions given and we EPL fans start to show disgust, not appreciation towards this irresponsible attitude.

    • Jarman says:

      Hi Jjerg

      I totally agree with you on that point. The reactions of Ferguson and Wenger in the past week or so has been disgraceful.

      They need to understand that Officials will make mistakes at times, but to accuse them of foul play cannot be justified until suitable proof is produced (not that I’m implying that there are).

      Was certainly not expected from these two students of the game.



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