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What is causing modern footballer’s baldness?

I don’t know to be honest, but I’m amazed how so many of them have had treatment for baldness recently. Wayne Rooney happily tweeted to his 800,00 plus Twitter followers and even posted a picture following surgery. His wife, Colleen, was quick to add that she hadn’t been behind him making the decision.

Michael Owen was the first to publicly poke fun and highlight Rooney’s baldness when he tweeted about it a few weeks ago. Who else in the dressing room is willing to disclose their plans to ‘grow’ hair before the new season starts? My suspicion is that Michael Owen might be next.

It must be something in the water at Old Trafford because Ryan Giggs has again made the headlines for all the wrong reasons as it’s been revealed he too has had hair transplant surgery. The man who was voted Manchester United’s greatest ever player has spent up to £30,000 on baldness treatment, it was disclosed amid claims stress may have caused his hair to fall out. Well, with all the current affairs I’m not surprised poor Ryan is making desperate attempts to get his image back.

A source told The Sun: “Ryan’s hair replacement treatment started in June 2009 and was going great. but since February he’s missed quite a few appointments and his hair noticeably thinned on top.

“He was told the thinning was due to missed appointments and stress.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if a player’s toupe came off during a match.

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