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Will age just be a number for André Villas-Boas?

At the tender age of 33, there is no doubt that André Villas-Boas has something special.

From starting his coaching career after a debate between the late Sir Bobby Robson, with whom he had shared an apartment block, to being the head honcho at Chelsea, Villas-Boas will be under no illusions of how unforgivable failure could be.

Over the past few seasons, Chelsea have changed managers almost at the rate that Roman Abramovich changes underwear.

With the Chelsea owner sights set firmly on conquering Europe, he has pulled out all the stops to try to get the UEFA Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge.

However, after failed attempts and several managers later, what makes AVB’s appointment any different?

Chelsea are an ageing squad, which includes some of the world’s biggest stars and with that of course, comes the worlds biggest ego’s.

Some of the players at Chelsea are at a similar age as AVB, some even older.

Yes, they are professionals and are expected to treat AVB with the same respect that they would treat a far more experienced coach.

However, they are also human. One can only wonder that when the chips are down, will the players maintain that same respect for someone younger than themselves?

A good example was the penalty miss against Genk in their Champions League clash during the week.

Out of all the players on the field, its difficult to explain how David Luiz, a central defender, was chosen above the experienced midfielders, forwards, to take a penalty, which entirely could have sealed victory.

Chelsea ended up drawing the match, against a team they had beaten 5-0 at home.

Surely, AVB should have stepped in and taken control of the situation?

Also, AVB’s tactics in his recent loss to Arsenal also had a lot left to be desired.

Chelsea’s defense played with such a high line, it could almost be considered criminal.

And with a team that plays a similar style like Barcelona with intricate passing and great movement off the ball, it was only a matter of time before Arsenal unlocked their fragile defense.

Yes, he is young, but he will have to learn fast, as the managerial lifespans of modern coaches, especially the ones at Chelsea, are not very long.

However saying that, he has the potential to be a long term manager at Stamford Bridge, which is something Chelsea needs in order to go forward as a club.

He also showed glimpses of his tactical nous that made him so successful at Porto against a tough Stoke side, where he got his tactics spot on against a team that many have struggled to beat.

There is no doubt that AVB has all the ingredients to be successful at Chelsea.

Whether Abramovich and the players have the ability and patience to see the process through, has yet to be seen.

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