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Video: Who says the team’s masseur is not allowed to play?

brazilian-massauerA sports tribunal has removed a fourth-division club from the Brazilian league after its masseur stepped onto the field and made two key saves near the end of a match.

The tribunal also suspended masseur Romildo da Silva for 24 matches and fined him around £150 for his actions to help club Aparecidense this month.

With the match against Tupi level at 2-2, Silva lurked from behind the net and entered the field when a Tupi player cleared the goalkeeper and appeared to have an open shot on goal. He blocked two consecutive shots, allowing his team to advance to the competition’s quarterfinals.

‘It was our only chance. If I hadn’t done it, Aparecidense would have been knocked out,’ Silva was quoted as saying by Brazilian media.

‘I don’t regret it because I did it out of love for the club.’

Enraged Tupi players chased Silva from the field and police grabbed him for his own protection.

With Monday’s ruling, Tupi replaces Aparecidense in the next round.

Source: Daily Mail
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