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Mario Balotelli’s car has been ‘egged by United fans’

balotelli-car-eggedMario Balotelli was left shell-shocked on Sunday evening after his Bentley GT was apparently egged by Manchester United fans.

The controversial striker who netted an egg-tra time penalty in the win over Spurs was left suspecting fowl play after his car was targeted while he enjoyed dinner at a Manchester restaurant.

Balotelli, under fire for claims he deliberately stamped on the head of Spurs midfielder Scott Parker in the Premier League clash, was forced to rush back to his £120,000 car and drive it to a nearby multi-story car park.

‘He’d parked down a side street but unfortunately it was parked right next door to a well-known Man United pub,’ a source is quoted in The Sun newspaper.

‘Loads of fans were in there watching the later Arsenal game and they must have come out and seen his car.

‘They pelted his roof with eggs. The yolk was dripping down all one side. It was pretty disgusting.

‘I don’t know where they got their eggs from but there is a Sainsbury’s just yards away. I’m not sure if Mario saw them do it but he came rushing out of the restaurant and moved the car into the multi-storey.’

Source: DailyMail

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